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A mismatched quartet of not-so-honorably discharged veterans unleash the good, the bad and the dark side of patriotism on Hollywood.


Discharged follows four military veterans navigating their next chapter; Hollywood. But what looks like a smooth transition soon turns into a challenge, as the shenanigans of the team prove difficult for their quiet suburban neighborhood and all of Hollywood to swallow. The fines they rack up in home owner association violations alone have been rivaled to the Mega Millions Jackpot.

The show centers around Axel, a hyper-masculine Marine combat veteran (voiced by Michael Penny, Marine Corps Combat Veteran) who struggled to find work after leaving the military and miraculously lands a lucrative deal as a Hollywood stuntman. He then employs a colorful troupe of characters, all fellow veterans as part of his management team. Major is Axel’s vigilant bodyguard and former Military Officer (voiced by Jas Boothe, Army Veteran) who was convicted of double murder, but later pardoned. Jesus, pronounced Hey Zeus, is Axel’s agent and an iron-jawed no-nonsense ex-drill sergeant who is known for his uncontrolled outbursts and basic-training flashbacks (voiced by Jonathan Lopez, Army Combat Veteran and Amputee). Brandon is Axel’s best friend (voiced by Earl Granville, Army Combat Veteran, Leg Amputee and Purple Heart Recipient), former Airman, personal assistant and the resident POG (person other than grunt). Earl is also famously known for his viral video during the Boston Marathon last year where he carried his guide across the finish line.

Discharged places veterans into hilarious civilian situations. Infused with dark humor, patriotism, pop culture and VA medication, Discharged is an animated comedy about the 1%, that soon becomes the new animated series that the 99% tunes in to watch!

Discharged is currently in film festival rotation and won the Best Pilot Category at the 2018 Hoboken International Film Festival. For screening inquires, please email dischargedcomedy@gmail.com


Marine turned Hollywood Stunt Man

Former Military Officer/Axel’s Bodyguard

Ex-Drill Sergeant/Axel’s Agent

Axel’s Best Friend/Resident POG (Person other than Grunt)